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Some time ago (in the fall of 2016), I had done a Google Street View look at my old apartment in Bushwick.  I noticed that the image was captured in 2014.  One year before I actually moved to Brooklyn.  Which means there was not a record - a map - of my time in New York, a city that immediately felt like it could be a home to me.  

July 2016 was my last month in New York.  Those few weeks were strange.  I had all packed up and was just ā€¦ there.  Haunting the streets with a vague sense of a routine that was not my life anymore.  

A little tour through the old neighborhood.  Haunting, yes, but also charging.  How do I set my intentions for my new space into this weird book in-between times?  Magic and sigils and ritual.  Making marks to delineate the paths I want to open up for me and rooting them in a place that, while Iā€™m no longer tethered to, helped me progress and grow into where I am now.  
September 2016
Edition of 23