In 2014 I started to produce a new book or zine project every month.  These books vary in edition size, form, and materials.  The project continues into 2015 so click over to the left for more books. 

Atlas Backed / Janus Faced

Ink jet print and ink on paper.
9 inches x 12 inches x 1 inch
Edition of 1.
December 2014 / January 2015

Two books in one with a z-binding.  Simultaneously looking at the entire first year of this project as well as the source material and references I will be working with throughout 2015.  The last book of last year is also the first book of the new year.  It's all happening again.  It's all happening now. 

9.807 m/s2 

10.75 inches x 8.5 inches x 1.75 inches. 420 pages.
Edition of 1.
November 2014

So much toner used on this one.  Building up a mass of ink.  Weight.  Pressure.  Surface Gravity.  Attempt at embedding magic into the book.  Reverse-Archaeology and the burying of ideas and source materials to be found and acted upon later.

Anatomy Lessons

India Ink and Pastel on paper.
12 inches x 9 inches. 32 pages.
Edition of 1.
October 2014

When I was young I taught myself to draw the figure by copying my mother's edition of The Anatomy Coloring Book and redrawing superheroes from comic books. This book is re-exploring that process.


12 inches x 8 inches. 20 pages.
Edition of 30.
September 2014

Do you live in Los Angeles? Were you here during the month of September? September was gnarly. Photographs taken in my neighborhood while I felt like I was living on the surface of the sun.

Available in my shop.


Ink Jet Print.
13.25 inches x 8 inches. 40 pages.
July and August 2014
Edition of 8.

The July and August books are a set printed and hand bound in my garage-studio. Los Angeles, CA. 
Part of the PULP ATLAS exhibition series.

The Crack in Space
June edition of my Book-a-Month project. First book made in my new studio. 
Title taken from the novel of the same name by Philip K. Dick. 

Ink Jet on Graph paper. Letterpress cover.
10.5 inches x 8 inches. 28 pages.
June 2014
Edition of 15.

Produced in Los Angeles, CA. Available for purchase in my shop.

In a Far Distant Century...The Gods of Olympus Shall Die 
The May edition of my 2014 Book-a-Month project was made while visiting my family in New Castle, PA. Still have several long-boxes of comics in my parents' basement and this became a way to develop an abstract narrative focusing on color and composition.Comic book landscapes with all the text boxes removed digitally. 

6.25 inches x 9.5 inches. 20 pages.
May 2014
Edition of 10.

Produced in New Castle, PA and Los Angeles, CA. Available for purchase here.

The Color Out of Space is the April edition of my 2014 Book-a-Month project. This zine featuring multiple fold-outs is a texture and color study. The title is taken after The Colour Out of Space by H.P. Lovecraft, first published in 1927. 

10.5 inches x 4.25 inches
April 2014
Edition of 30.

Produced at 90 Proof Press. Available in my shop.

Sol Variations
13 inches x 8 inches. 24 pages.
Pastel and ink on paper 
March 2014
Edition of 1

Produced while an artist-in-residency at The Art Students League in New York.

The Planets Move Far Too Slowly In Their Orbits To Be Heard
10 inches x 6 inches. Double-sided 8 foot long accordion fold. 
February 2014
Edition of 2

Produced at 90 Proof Press. 

8 inches x 7 inches
January 2014
Edition of 50

Produced at 90 Proof Press. Available for purchase at Antiquated Future and Phone Home Press.